The human being is a perfect balance between body, mind and soul.

For centuries, Spain has been the cradle of Contemplation. FREE is a journey into the interior of man in which we have obtained permission to enter and talk to people who rarely utter a word and places that remain closed to the world: THE MONASTERIES.

This is our opportunity to know what leads a person in the XXI century to decide to lock himself within four walls for the rest of his life. How is his day to day life, his motivations, his connection with pure Nature and his outer life, which has a lot to do with his inner life.

un camino hacia el interior del hombre

There are about 2100 cloistered monasteries in the world.

In these monasteries there are people who renounce their outer life for a search for inner fulfillment.

Rarely has a camera been allowed to enter their lives. In their world. What you will see and hear here is UNPRECEDENTED.


«I like to think that from the good decisions we sometimes make in life, great and unexpected things come out of it»

SANTOS BLANCO, during the filming of Free.

The film «FREE» was born in the tragic pandemic of 2020. During it, I was part of a team of professionals to carry out a communication campaign. The goal was to raise funds to help cloistered religious who, unable to sell their products, had no money to even buy food. I like to think that from the good decisions we sometimes make in life, great and unexpected things come out.

When we were able to get out, I directed an advertising campaign for the DeClausura Foundation. This time, I spent four days in a monastery living with monks. Upon my return, I began to research more about this special and unknown occult life in the 21st century.

In one of the first books I read, I found a phrase of Pope Francis that left me frozen. Referring to these cloistered monks and nuns, he said, «The world and the Church need you as beacons that illuminate the path of the men and women of our time.» What philosophy of life or inner fullness must these people have in order for the Pope to use them as references, as beacons that enlighten us?

Thus begins a journey that culminates with the film «FREE». Hopefully it will make many people discover the truth of some issues that affect us daily and perhaps the world in which we live drags us in another direction.

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